About us

Meet Marissa & MaryAnne!

MaryAnne and I started off as unlikely as they come.  We "met" through a worldwide pregnancy forum when we were pregnant with our daughters, due in the same month.  After our babies were born, we found out we lived very close to each other and decided to meet up.  That play date turned into many play dates and a close friendship formed.  Turns out, MaryAnne was exactly what I needed in a business partner, and I asked her to join Bee Mine Sunshine to kick off 2016.  

Marissa runs on a steady infusion of coffee and ice cream, and is wanna-be singer/dancer who likes to rock out to T Swift with her crazy kiddos and refurbish furniture in her spare time.

MaryAnne is an earl grey tea lover, fashionista, and mother of two who enjoys a good Netflix Gilmore Girls binge (Even though we can't agree on who Rory should be with -- JESS! Am I right??).

We love to help moms like us bond with their daughters through fashion and fun.  What little girl doesn't want to be like and dress like their mama?  So we create things that you can share (or not, depending on your toddler's mood) or coordinate so that everyone at the local Target is "awww-ing" over how completely adorable the two (or three or four?) of you are at your next (inevitable) Target run. 

We would love to get to know you!  Locals can come see us in June, August, and October at Charm at the Farm in Lebanon, Ohio.  Everyone can join our VIP group for FREE and get awesome perks, first dibs on all mommy & me custom clothing, and exclusive live sales!  

If you'd like to know a few more fun details about Bee Mine Sunshine, including product reviews and what song Marissa would sing for her hypothetical American Idol audition...check out the list below! 

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